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We offer Counselling, Psychotherapy and Addiction Services in a Non-Judgemental, Confidential and Safe Environment.
We will work with you to explore and implement a treatment plan specific to your needs.
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Due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic and in keeping with HSE
guidelines our offices will be open on a limited basis. To protect our
Counsellors, Clients and their families we will be offering online services,
including Counselling via telephone and video conferencing via Zoom, WhatsApp and Vsee and also

depending on the requirements of our clients.

Please contact us on 061-639171 to discuss these
options and any concerns you may have

About Us

Sometimes we need a safe place to express our innermost feelings and to find someone we can trust enough to hear and accept us with all our fears and anxieties.

Talking to a Counsellor/Psychotherapist offers an opportunity to; better understand yourself and your situation, embrace positive changes, increase awareness, create coping strategies, and make choices based on personal values.

We work with individuals, couples and families struggling with Addiction, (Substance Use Disorders, Gambling), Trauma (PTSD), Bereavement, Abuse, Anxiety and Depression.

Our professional Counsellors/Psychotherapists are qualified to MA, (BA (HONS) in Counselling & Psychotherapy) and have additional qualifications in Counselling and Addiction Studies. We are members of Addiction Counsellors of Ireland (ACI) and Association of professional Counsellors & Psychotherapists (APCP) with several years’ experience in the private sector, within Addiction Treatment Centres, Educational Facilities and Community Care Facilities.

Flexible Rates

Reduced Rate Counselling Services
Individual 50 minute Therapy Session - €25

This flexible rate is provided by our experienced senior level trainee therapists in their final year of study.

All our Counsellors/Psychotherapists, including trainee therapists, undergo regular clinical supervision and our trainee therapists also receive in house clinical support.
Therapy sessions are held at our practice at 17 Upper Mallow Street in Limerick City generally on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, depending on the needs of each individual client.
Our Qualified and Accredited Counsellors/Psychotherapists are available at a higher rate. Click Here to view our full Fee Schedule


Many people come to counselling with general feelings of unhappiness, confusion or dissatisfaction. Others may come with specific difficulties, such as: substance abuse, bereavement, anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, relationships etc. There are situations when discussing your problems with someone impartial is particularly beneficial. 

You may find that a few sessions can help you to address a specific problem, or you may choose to work on a longer-term basis in order to focus on deeper issues. At Cúlra Counselling we do not use 'labels' or diagnoses but see the person as an individual, with a unique biological, psychological and social background. In this respect we will work with you to explore and implement a treatment plan specific to your needs.

The counselling process as one of partnership in which we work together to understand the meaning of painful emotions and patterns and find to find release from emotional pain and recurring, unhelpful patterns of behaviour. This collaborative effort helps to empower the individual to make informed decisions and choices that are right for them.

Aims of therapy are to grow, to gain insights, to create (better) ways to cope, to adapt behaviours, to see choices, to increase control, to find direction and ultimately to improve quality of life. For counselling to be of maximum effectiveness, clients must feel able to establish a trusting relationship and at Cúlra we are committed to offering an ethical, safe, confidential, non-judgmental space where you can be heard and supported by a knowledgeable professional.


Addiction is any behaviour that is repeated over and over despite significant negative consequences. A symptom of addiction is when your desire for something becomes a compulsion. You describe yourself as “needing” something, as opposed to wanting or liking it.

Addiction can be viewed as a maladaptive way to avoid or get rid of unwanted thoughts and feelings (boredom, loneliness, anxiety, depression etc.). The addictive behaviour then becomes self-sustaining, because it provides a quick and easy way to alleviate cravings and other painful feelings. The more time and energy we spend trying to evade undesirable private experiences the more we are likely to suffer psychologically in the long term.

Through Therapy, clients develop an acceptance of unwanted thoughts and/or feelings and work towards identifying and experiencing alternative ways in which to relate and cope with the unpleasant experiences associated with drug/alcohol use. This helps to disrupt the link between psychological/physical suffering and alcohol/drug use. In this mindful context clients ideally make decisions and choices based on important personal goals and values rather than on avoidance or control through substance use.

Clients focus is now invested in taking effective action (guided by their values) to change and improve their lives. Identifying values dignifies the unavoidable suffering involved in abandoning a well-established behaviour (substance abuse) that served as an escape from painful thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Dynamic Release Therapy

Dynamic release therapy is a totally new exploration of mind, trauma and body awareness. It is a powerful transformation package combining 'Narrative talk therapy' with Japanese energy and body awareness. This creates a dynamic system that assists the fast release of old pent up, condensed, stuck stories from the body that no longer serve us.️

So what is Dynamic Release Therapy?

Something really dynamic happens when we share the stream of consciousness about our life story in a safe professional environment and then have the movement of this energy rising released from the body.
Big shifts take place, possibilities expand and self-awareness increases as the body relaxes more into itself.

Dynamic Release therapy in two parts:

Narrative therapy separates a person from their problem. It encourages people to rely on their own skills to minimise problems that exist in their lives. Each story has meaning & it help shape a person's identity. Narrative Therapy allows people to not only find their voice but to use their voice as the experts in their own lives & to live in a way that reflects their dreams, goals & values. We have more power for growth & change than we think, especially when we own our voice & our story.

Seiki is the movement of life force energy and energy rising through thought by observing the breath. Otherwise known as the breathing body. Seiki, founded by master Akinobu Kishi, observes to where the body is breathing to in the body, the body is breathing to one of three points, each point represents a thinking pattern within the mind by touching these points at various locations on the body, the body relaxes and releases pent up or condensed Ki/ energy. This allows the person to have release. This release can either be physically emotionally or mentally. ️

These two forms of mind and body work make '' DYNAMIC RELEASE THERAPY', a very dynamic and natural solution to mind and body health. ️

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